When The Tiki Takes Over: say 'aloha' to Captain Kahuna aka Guido Cavalini

"Aloha! Kahuna here. Cocktail shaker at the Vavoom Tiki Room the Hague for about four years, Tiki carver since 2013 and Graphic Designer since 2005.

I could tell you everything about what "Tiki" is and where it comes from, but I'm more interested in sharing with you what Tiki is for me: friendship, the laid-back lifestyle, nice drinks and awesome music.

About 15 years ago I became acquainted with my first introduction to Tiki. After growing up as a full-time metal head (and I always will be one) I found out about, Rock 'n Roll. I never got into the whole typical Rock 'n Roll lifestyle like leather jackets and greased back hair, but there was always one thing I just couldn't get out of my mind... TIKI!