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Bartender Spotlight: Carmen Ghiciu, Spark The Hague

Carmen Ghiciu, bar manager, Spark The Hague

What makes Spark The Hague unique?

Our team members. We are a very international team, which is what makes us great. The wide variety in cultures within our team is expressed in our signature cocktails.

You are currently redesigning the menu – how do you approach that?

We organise a brainstorming session within the team and we see how it goes from there.

Where have you worked previous, and how did you come to be bar manager at Spark The Hague?

I worked in different cocktail bars back in my home town but since I am in The Netherlands I have been working only with Hilton. Being Bar Manager has always been my ambition, so when they proposed for me to take over Spark it was like a dream.

The cocktail scene can be a little intimidating to newbies – what you say to someone who’s not visited a cocktail bar before?

Be open minded. When entering a new cocktail bar try to leave your bias at the door and just say to yourself “Tonight I will step out of my comfort zone and try something new”.

What’s your personal favourite cocktail and why?

Clover Club. It goes with every occasion. It has a creamy texture which combined with the taste of the raspberry is just perfect.

Spark The Hague is located at Zeestraat 35, Den Haag 2518 AA

Spark The Hague


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