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I have borrowed concepts from four poker authors. They do not have any scientifically acceptable data, but they have thought carefully about the problems and processes of changing styles

· Mike Caro has often written about “Missions.” A Mission is one change you want to make. He recommends playing in your usual way, while making only that change. His mission concept is the foundation of chapter 24’s step-by-step program.

· Barry Tanenbaum wrote about “Overcoming Obstacles,” and we have often discussed his use of Caro-type missions to expand his students’ comfort zones. For example, he may tell a passive student to become more aggressive pre-flop by never open-limping.

· David Sklansky discussed the problems of changing yourself with me and referred me to his article “Will Power.” It directly relates improving poker to the same kinds of willpower needed to stick to dieting, exercising, and other self-improvement programs.

· David Apostolico wrote “Changing from the Outside In.” His basic principle was “act in a certain way and you will feel in a certain way,” but do it when your chances of success are high. Then “take the action and see where it takes you.”


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