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Villa Ascenti is steeped in Italian provenance

Villa Ascenti gin

Villa Ascenti is a new super-premium Italian gin that launched in May of last year.

A new €420,000 distillery was constructed in Santa Vittoria and has seen the refurbishment of a Frilli copper pot still from the 1970s. Steeped in Italian provenance, Villa Ascenti celebrates the excellence of the region in local ingredients and expertise.

Master Distiller, Lorenzo Rosso, is a trained winemaker and distiller born and bred in the Piemonte region. Lorenzo works with local producers and farmers in the community in Italy’s northwest Piemonte region, to source local ingredients for Villa Ascenti Gin. These include Moscato grapes, fresh mint and thyme with the herbs distilled within hours of harvest.

Moscato grapes, a signature taste of the region, are harvested in August and September when the fruit is at its best, before undergoing three distillations.

Villa Ascenti gin

During the final distillation, the Moscato grapes are infused with Tuscan juniper berries in the distillery’s newly refurbished Frilli copper pot still. The resulting liquid embodies the classic flavour of gin, whilst capturing the taste of the brand’s homeland in Piemonte, to deliver a harmonious liquid with a fresh and light taste.

Lorenzo said: “It has been an absolute privilege to be involved in developing Villa Ascenti Gin and to have the chance to showcase the very best of Piemonte to the world. It’s a beautiful gin with the region at its heart in its aroma and flavour, but also in how it’s best enjoyed – around the table with friends.”

Villa Ascenti gin

Villa Ascenti will be featuring in The Hague Cocktail Week later this year.


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