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Talking all things mixology with Eddy Trenidad of Bricks The Hague

Eddy Trenidad will be heading up the bar at the all-new Bricks at Prinsestraat 5a-7, The Hague, 2513CA. Due to soft-launch at the end of February (or possibly early March depending on the build!), it promises to have one of the largest back bars in the city plus the USP of having no menu... you tell the mixologist what you like and they'll rustle up the perfect cocktail just for you. We catch up with Eddy to find out more...

Describe Bricks The Hague in one sentence?

Expect the unexpected, anything could happen… and it probably will.

How did you come to work in the bar industry?

A very common answer! I guess I wanted to be like Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) from the movie “Cocktail” or maybe it was when I read my first cocktail handbook.

What’s your venue’s most popular cocktail? Why do you think that is?

The drinks at Bricks are all tailor-made cocktails based on the personal taste of all our customers. We don’t have a menu, but we do a “signature cocktail” every month depending on season, holidays and events.

What are the key drinks trends for 2019?

Some of the trends of 2018 are set to continue to evolve in the coming years, including the functional botanical drinks with teas and herbs. I believe millenials are the game changers. There is a group that would prefer a healthy smoothie to a high sugar cocktail. So non alcohol and low alcohol and low sugar based cocktails are set to take over 2019 But 2019 could see an increased emphasis on aspects like new textures, color & nostalgia, globally-inspired flavors and most certainly sustainability.

As a mixologist, if you could choose one liquor, what would it be and why?

Despite the powerful and controversial flavor, I would have to say Fernet Branca. It may be just about the only thing on which my grandmother and I agree upon. They say it’s good for you as well. Originally, many Amari were purposed to have medicinal purposes such as benefits the stomach, promotes digestion, strengthens the body, cures the hangover etc etc!

But when it comes to drinking that cocktail that so happen's to have Fernet Branca “its pure renaissance”.

How has the bar scene in the city changed in recent years? What does the future hold?

The Hague is changing for the better. More cocktail bars are popping up and business owners are now more open to the concept of doing new things. In the future you will see that people will be re-thinking their concepts in order to have their customers have the best of experiences.

Other than your own venue, where do you go to drink (and eat) in the city?

I would have to say The Court because of the food pairing concept they have, or you will find me chilling at Vavoom Tiki Room sipping on a Mai Tai with the Tiki Cult gang!

Have you got a simple trick or tip you can share that will help people make cocktails at home?

Keep it original and keep it simple. Do not mix too many flavours together, simplicity is the key.


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