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"Rum! Always rum!" cries Michael Ziengs of The Five Points

Michael Ziengs of The Five Points – in just one year, already established as one of the most iconic bars on the scene in The Hague – fires back with all (rum) barrels blazing on our Q&A. Read on below...

Describe your venue in one sentence?

Cosy and classic New York-inspired neighbourhood cocktail bar with a bit of rock ‘n roll to it.

How did you come to work in the bar industry?

Starting working behind the bar 13 years ago. I found my passion in cocktails and never stopped doing what I still do today.

What’s your venue’s most popular cocktail? Why do you think that is?

The Rum Around: a lovely mix of blended rums and a touch of coffee liqueur. It's a beautiful twist on a Manhattan... full of flavour and gives you a nice kick. People should definitely try and experiment with classic drinks and give them a nice twist.

What are the key drinks trends for 2019?

Vermouth and bitter will be more populair I guess. Because they are low in ABV [alcohol by volume] and full of flavour. it is always nice to introduce new products that people heard of but never tried.

As a bartender, if you could choose one liquor, what would it be and why?

Rum! Always rum.... maybe some... NO ALWAYS RUM!!

How has the bar scene in the city changed in recent years? What does the future hold?

It definitely has. A year ago there were a few places that you could have a decent cocktail. Now – since we opened – bars are popping up everywhere. Lot’s of new places use better products and are introducing new things to guest. Amazing to see the transformation here!

Other than your own venue, where do you go to drink (and eat) in the city?

I live in Rotterdam, but when I go out in The Hague I like to enjoy a bottle of cold beer and maybe a good rum at Vavoom!

Have you got a simple trick or tip you can share that will help people make cocktails at home?

A cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make sure you use ingredients that are quality and find a good balance in your drink. Two or three ingredients wil already do the trick. Just make sure you make it look like a million dollars!

The Five Points Bar & Drink Society, Korte Houtstraat 5a, 2511 CC Den Haag


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