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Bartender Q&A with Caco Mosan of Bricks

Caco Mosan of Bricks (credit Honking Elephant)

How did you get into the bar industry?

I started working in the industry when I was around 17 years old. The main reason was I'd just dropped out of school: because of my dyslexia I had trouble with learning and paying attention. Also I think that I wasn't really interested in the things we were learning and the way that we were learning them. So when I started working in the industry I thought like 'hey, this is cool, I can do this' and from there on I just grew more and more.

In recent years, how have you seen the cocktail scene of The Hague develop?

In the one year that I have worked here I have seen a growth in the industry.

How has Bricks adapted to the lockdown?

BE LIKE WATER [be adaptable, and change with change].

What do you see as the future for Bricks? What challenges will need to be overcome?

We are always trying to develop new and interesting projects, and also working together with other bars to see the challenges we may need to overcome. We'll definitely be organising further fun events at the bar,  

If you could choose only one liquor, what would it be and why?

Cachaça: it's really an underrated position of joy. You can make lots of different flavours by using just the one product. Cachaça is the only spirit which can be aged in more than 150 different kinds of barrel, and is more than 500 year old... now is that not an amazing product?

What’s your personal favourite cocktail, and why?

Anything that involves a pure experience of flavours.

Can you share a simple cocktail that people can make at home during lockdown, using easily sourced ingredients from the supermarket and local liquor store… 50ml of your favourite spirit

20ml vinegar

20ml of sugar water or 2 teaspoons of sugar

15ml lime juice

Shake everything with ice in a water bottle, and you'll have a super refreshing drink!


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